Our advantages:

  1. We have 3 Russian freestyle champions, winners of European tournaments and seven-time world champion as well!
  2. Our performances are always original and remembered for a long time!
  3. We work without mistakes, despite the fact that we make very difficult elements. Almost all of our performances are fully recorded on video, that do not do other teams, cutting only the best moments.
  4. Each team member of Freestyle Sport has huge experience of perfoming.
  5. We do not use third-party groups for performances, there are only the best titled athletes in Freestyle Sport!
  6. The team has an experienced MC, who leads the activities and workshops with the audience both in Russian and in English, as well as Russian beatbox Champion (mouth sounds, without the using musical instruments)
  7. For each performance, we are preparing a separate staging number, looking for an individual approach to each client
  8. Our program has a unique show with glowing balls, which no team in the World has.